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'DataMarketplace' meets iSHARE requirements: making secure data sharing easier for participants

Marlin’s use of blockchain technology helps to make data exchange as efficient and secure as possible. Now that the Marlin DataMarketplace has joined the iSHARE scheme, the data sharing platform’s participants no longer have to first draw up one-to-one agreements. As a result, Marlin’s customers can save considerable time and money. Marlin is also using the opportunities within the iSHARE scheme to grant parties rights to access specific data for use in their own processes.

Wouter van Neerbos, CEO of Marlin SCX, states: “Our blockchain technology enables us to authorise and authenticate participants, but we lacked uniform agreements that defined all the necessary requirements when sharing data. Repeatedly drawing up such agreements was time-consuming and therefore costly. In fact, we sometimes didn’t even get around to sharing data because the costs of such agreements outweighed the benefits. So that’s precisely what we now use iSHARE for. The legal, technical, operational and functional agreements of the iSHARE scheme have been carefully drawn up and are continuously put to the test in practice. In addition, iSHARE provides well-designed governance that safeguards supervision and quality.”

Data owners can use iSHARE to grant other Marlin DataMarketplace participants rights to access their data, yet they retain full control over their own data. “This makes it easier for us to provide our participants with secure access to data from third parties – even from ones that are unknown to them. iSHARE offers unique opportunities in that context, and an additional layer of trust.”

To optimise the user-friendliness for its participants, Marlin has implemented the iSHARE API specifications in the DataMarketplace. It has also signed a contract with the iSHARE Foundation agreeing to conform to the scheme’s quality requirements. This enables participants to seamlessly share data in a business ecosystem.

Gerard van der Hoeven, director of the iSHARE Foundation, comments: “It’s great to see more and more blockchain players joining the iSHARE scheme so that they can provide smart services to all organisations that want to share data with one another. This helps to add value for everyone concerned, with organisations retaining control over their own data at all times. I am therefore delighted that Marlin has joined us. It creates even more opportunities for the entire iSHARE network to work together in a smarter and more sustainable way!”

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