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Marlin’s DataMarketplace delivers an integrated platform that is an aggregation of expertise and functionality provided by our expert partner companies.

The full solution is illustrated below 

The Marlin data marketplace provides organizations with easy access to the business ecosystem and supports three types of personas:

  • Consumers, the users of data and information on the data marketplace, which they use for their own purposes, such as process optimization

  • Sources, the sources and managers of data, which they make available on the data marketplace under conditions and identification

  • Producers, algorihtms and processors of data in the data marketplace, who convert them into knowledge or information products of interest to Consumers.

According to the plug & play connection philosophy, the existing systems and data storage of the individual organizations are connected.

The starting point is that business logic and any back office processing are not affected and the data marketplace does not have its own logic or data storage. The organizations running on legacy applications or traditional environments are enabled to connect in a simple way, without the need for extensive investment or revision of their current landscape.

The data marketplace uses common and international standards, and provides organizations with data security based on verified identities and pre-agreed contracts (smart contracts). The data marketplace does not register any confidential data itself, does nothing with the data, but leaves the data to the owner, who decides with whom, which data is shared for which period

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