Marlin was founded in 2018.
Marlin is the digital innovator who stimulates and facilitates organizations to improve collaboration in (and between) their business ecosystems.



Marlin orchestrates a connected federated world in which everyone can exchange selective data packets with each other in a safe, reliable and controlled manner in order to achieve a common goal, regardless of which system, tool and application is used.


Marlin envisions a world where organizations across sectors and domains are working seamlessly. Where all parties are connected to selectively exchange information in a safe and reliable way, in order to optimize the end-to-end value chain for all involved.​


Marlin Video

Marlin has the solution to optimize end-to-end supply chains.

In this video, we explain why supply chains are complex and difficult to optimize, because systems are not aligned. And how Marlin solves this problem with its Data Marketplac